The last minute gift guide for Richmonders (and everyone else)

I’ve seen a handful of gift guides pop up over the past couple of weeks, and short of this one they mostly require a lot of planning or going to a mall, which even I cannot tolerate this time of year.

Given I haven’t done much of any shopping yet, I figured I’d put together a list of my recommendations for things I have bought for people* recently. Most of these are available locally, so bonus points for procrastinators!

*I’m people. Note: There is some shameless self-promotion in this list, so—too bad.


For the stationery lovers

1. Adorable pencil box and pencil sets from Mongrel. 2. There are only TWO of these bags left! 3. I’m not sure if you can find this one locally or not, but I still had to include it. Anything from this guy’s site is awesome. 4. Get creative and box together a collection of greeting cards. I found this cardboard recipe box at a craft store and all of the cards came from my friends at PaperFreckles.

For the crafty types

5. Mast Brothers complete 2015 collection. So—this one is a little pricey for why I recommend it (the paper), but you get to eat chocolate while you make things! 6. A subscription to Uppercase Magazine. This publication is a gem. Every issue comes with some little surprise and tons of inspiration. 7. Pick up a new hobby! The classes at Studio23 would make a great gift for pretty much anyone. 8. You can never have too many notebooks.

For the craftsman

9. Stop into Studio23 and check out their collection of one-of-a-kind prints, products, and all sorts of other cool stuff… like 10. Tea towels! 11. My friend Erin of Awl Snap is the coolest. I don’t think you can go wrong with anything she makes, but this Black Leather and Waxed Denim Weekender is killer. 12. As are these new Block Zip Wallets. The last time I ran into Erin she had just finished making this prototype. I couldn’t stop admiring it—which meant I was basically going through her wallet.

For the nerds

13. I grabbed myself a copy of this book a few months ago, and it is genius. As of this morning, Chop Suey has six copies left. 14. People seem to like this one. 15. For kids and big kids, this one is such a treat. Pick up a copy at bbgb and snap a color-coordinating bear rug Instagram while you're there. 16. Last but not least, John and Sherry knocked it out of the park again with their new book. Matt and I were honored to have our house included—and Marco is demanding an agent. Pick up copies at Chop Suey and other local bookstores.


Happy shopping!!