Christmas Vacation with my iPad Pro

In hindsight, I may have gotten a little carried away designing our Christmas cards. 

Throughout the year, I’ve been working on my hand-lettering skills with a handful of side projects. I’m planning on launching a new version of this after the holidays, but otherwise, most of these project have stayed within the confines of my sketchbooks.

When my iPad Pro arrived in November, I knew I needed to find a way to justify the not-super-necessary splurge. I began dabbling in Adobe Sketch, and by the time my Apple Pencil finally arrived I had gotten pretty comfortable with it. Like most designers, I started practicing with sayings and famous quotes. As the holidays approached, my inspiration became a bit more focused.

Here are some shots of my little side project. I shipped out a big batch of full sets to friends, family, and some clients who I knew I couldn’t offend.

I’m pretty psyched with the final product, and I think my skills have been getting better—but you can be the judge of that!


Here's the full set!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Vacation, and we’ll catch up in 2016!