The Print Magazine love continues!

As I was reading through my feed this morning a headline brought me to Print Magazine. After skimming a quick interview with a designer I admire, I clicked over to the homepage in an attempt to procrastinate a little longer. Instead, I was greeted with this—not a bad way to start the week. 

This is the first time the full article they published on 804ork has been reposted. Head on over to Print Magazine for the full story. 

Here's an excerpt:

It was important to Walters that everyone involved felt the freedom to flex their creative muscles. For instance, although she would share a vision with the photographers for the types of shots she hoped to acquire, she never went to photoshoots, as she wanted the artists to have fun and not feel “art directed to death.” The chefs also presented dishes as they normally would in their restaurants. “No props, no styling—we let the chefs show off their dishes the same way they do every night,” Walters says.

This approach was clearly the right recipe for this Best of Region winner.