804ork picked as Best of the South in Print Magazine's Design Annual

Early in September, an email popped into my inbox from Print with a “Congratulations” headline. I couldn't believe 804ork made the cut! 

Then I read the email. On round four I think I finally processed exactly how awesome the news was. This was the first time I’ve entered a piece into a Print design competition and to be a "best of" winner on top of that was such an unexpected and amazing honor. 

This project was a true labor of love, and I wanted to make sure I portrayed Richmond not only as a top-notch culinary community but also as a top-notch design community. So to have this book represent the south in this issue fills me with pride.


The Print’s 2015 Regional Design Annual—the design industry’s most well-respected and sought-after annual—we present 348 of the best American designs of the year. For over 35 years, the RDA has been the only design annual broken down by region, giving designers across the country the recognition they deserve, and showcasing each region’s inspiring and distinct trends and styles.

The issue is available for purchase here and on newsstands as of December 15th. 

The Far West: Selections by AIGA Medalist and RDA judge Noreen Morioka, including Best of Region winner Shigeru Ban: Humanitarian Architecture.

Southwest: Selections by Pentagram Partner DJ Stout, including Best of Region winner Fun Fun Fun Fest 9.

South: Selections by AIGA Medalist Ann Willoughby, including Best of Region winner 804ork.

Midwest: Selections by AIGA Medalist Charles S. Anderson, including Best of Region winner 2015 Studio on Fire Letterpress Calendar.

East: Selections by AIGA Medalist Stephen Doyle, including Best of Region winner Plastic Fish.

New York City: Selections by AIGA Medalist Louise Fili, including Best of Region winner Transmitter Brewing.