Man, what happened around here?

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been periodically visiting this site in order to evaluate my rating on the scale of 1-10 for “how bad is it?” At the end of November, I was around a 6, December an 8, and now, well… ugh.

I haven’t blogged since November 5th. Before that post was a solid month-long absence. Sure, there are plenty of posts that are half written; dozens of ideas listed out in Evernote. It’s just that life got busy. Really busy.

Which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong! I’ve been cranking out awesome projects for clients, making new connections, starting new ventures—I just haven’t been making any time to talk about any of this. Or actually showing off the results of any of these things—which is not a good thing. (At least from a branding, marketing, this is what you tell your clients to do for a living perspective and all.)

Therefore, in a very non-resolutiony way (because really, who keeps resolutions?), but in an it's a New Year, so that works out well for organizational purposes kind of a way—I’m going to be revamping my site over the new few weeks. Instead of 10,000-word ramblings, I’m going to attempt to focus on quicker/more frequent blog posts. I also want to start doing some giveaways and other promotions—because giving people gifts makes me happy. Most importantly, I have a ton of new clients who deserve to be bragged about, so my portfolio will be getting a much-needed overhaul.

Hopefully, I haven’t lost those of you who have been following along and enjoying my weird musings. I promise they’ll be back and weirder than ever soon enough.

So, here’s to admitting when you fall short (which I literally never do, but figuratively do all the time), and starting fresh in 2015.