Weekly wrap up

Learning to cook at SHOPCLASS RVA

So I was thinking about my weekly wrap up last week, and not only did I not write one, I decided it was stupid. Why should anyone care if I met my goals? Whoopie-doo! Instead, I’m going to try to make these posts about things that might be useful to other people—here goes!

1) Meet up with a friend. Last Thursday night was the first session of this summer’s SHOPCLASS RVA where we learned how to turn fresh produce into delicious dishes with the help of chef Ellie Basch and Certified Organic Farmer, Amy Hicks. My favorite dish of the night was ribbon cut zucchini with lemon juice, salt, pepper, and feta. Super simple and delicious!

The next SHOPCLASS is being lead by Studio Two Three and yours truly on Wednesday, 8/13. It’s sold out, but you can email to get on a waiting list in case someone cancels.

DIY geometric portraits in Adobe Illustrator

2) Learn something new. Looks like I may be onto something with this little goal of mine. Check out this article and see if it inspires you to sign up for a new class or two: Never Stop Learning: How Self-Education Creates a Bullet-Proof Career 

3) Design something just because. I stumbled upon this tutorial one night last week when I was mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest and found an illustration I thought was cool. Turns out—I can make fancy geometric illustrations too! It looks tedious, but it’s really fun. I cranked out new headshot one night while watching tv. I’m going to use it here once I finally get around to some much-needed and already in-the-works site updates. Check out the teaser image above.

Awesome bookshelves at the Marvin Lang Building

4) Have one new business meeting a week. Lately, I’ve been hustling on the new business front and starting quite a few projects with brand new clients. It’s a lot to manage, but I like the challenge. I read this great article about new business from the perspective another creative type, and many of her points resonated: 10 Golden Rules About Getting Paid as a Creative. 

5) Spend part of a day working somewhere else. I don’t now if you’re in the market for a co-working space, but if so, you need to check out the Marvin Lang Building. I’ve heard about this place for a while, but I finally had the opportunity to see it in person, and it lived up to my expectations. (Talk about bookshelf porn!) Here’s where you can find info about joining the space.

Bonus: Focus on the positive!

Spoon’s new album is finally out!! And after four years, it was worth the wait. Listen here, buy it here, and look, even pitchfork had positive things to say!