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Inside Out &
Feel Good Weight Formula

Inside out is a philosophy for health and wellness empowerment.  

Stephen spent years crafting, writing, and living the plan he developed. His goal was to share his findings and help other people discover an active and mindful way to lose weight, be healthy, and feel better about their life. The challenge is that this market is incredibly saturated with options, multi-million dollar corporations, and "experts" jumping on every fad. 

I examined Stephen's research, we identified the ideal students for his program, and I created a cohesive set of assets and styles for him to use for all of his course materials, presentations, and marketing tactics. 

The conversational, warm, and friendly tone of this brand is a direct reflection of Stephen and his approach. Its design is intentionally confident, motivational, and inspiring, but it's also honest, caring, and educational—exactly what his audience wants and needs. 



Seeing this work makes me believe in myself, that all of this pain and suffering I’ve endured to bring my dream alive has been worth it.
— Stephen Moegling