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Niche Boutique Fitness

Yoga, Pilates, and Functional Training Studio in Richmond, Virginia

Jaclyn approached me at the end of 2016 when she realized she needed to rename her recently established business. Rather than being frustrated and settling for the first available solution, she saw this as an opportunity to truly create the brand and studio she and her clients desired. 

Through the planning and discovery process, we identified the approach that would help her continue to grow a strong and loyal user base and create a thriving business that would support the growth and expansion goals she outlined. 

To mirror Jaclyn and her staff's service offerings, I designed an identity evocative of quality, balance, efficiency, craftsmanship, femininity, and confidence.


Working with Carrie was an absolute joy. While I knew the environment and feeling I wanted to create in my space and have that resonate through my brand, I had no idea how to express it. Carrie listened to my vision, she took time to soak it in and when she returned with a board of images, colors and textures, I was almost in tears. Yes, that was it! That is what I wanted to convey to my clients. Art and expression is not my forte and I felt lost before I met Carrie, she brought my studio to life. Now, I can hardly go a day without someone mentioning how beautiful my space and brand are, I give props to Carrie.
— Jaclyn Forrester


Studio Interior Photos by Kate Thompson, Palindrome Creative