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Complete Brand Development

Casper’s General Store

General Store in Pillow, Pennsylvania

When an old high school basketball teammate emailed me out of the blue about her dream to bring a 1840s General Store back to life, I was on board. 

In addition to launching her brand, we set forth with these goals in mind: to create a thriving local business that acts as the center of town, to enhance the appeal of Pillow, PA and drive out-of-town traffic, to drive home a sense of community and build a loyal base of regular customers, to offer real food and necessities at a convenience. 

And with a pinch of tradition, a dash of handcrafted appeal, and a whole lot of friendliness, this brand was off and running. 

I absolutely loved working with Carrie! Through her process, she was able to pinpoint exactly the vibe I was going for. She got right to the essence of the feeling and spirit I wanted for my business, and created a design package that conveyed it better than I ever could have imagined! Carrie’s professionalism and guidance was key in helping me though the uncharted territory of getting ready to launch my new business.
— Erin Hammerstedt