Weekly wrap up

Last week I kicked off (what I hoped would be) the start of more frequent activity here. Since that post was about forming new habits, I probably should have added one about keeping up with a blog. I’m trying guys; I am.

Seeing that it’s Friday and another busy week has blown by, I thought the best way to keep this thing alive would be to do a quick follow-up to last week’s post, and show you that I do practice what I post. Who knows, maybe I’ll even do this recap every week. 

1) Meet up with a friend. Guess what—I went to an actual “Meetup.” On Saturday, I joined the Virginia Bloggers Meetup (fake it ’til you make it?) at Blue Bee Cider. I earned bonus points, because I made new friends and got to reconnect with someone I haven’t seen in maybe 15 years! Very nice surprise. The tour was interesting because I knew nothing about cider and learning that it’s made more like a wine was surprising. Plus the founder, Courtney Mailey, who also gave us our tour, was so into her work it was just awesome to listen to her talk. I love meeting people like that. 

Check out the tour for yourself: Fri–Sun, at 1:30, 3:30, and 5:30 p.m. Details here.

2) Learn something new. Do you know that a blue orchard bee really is blue? And they nest in little tubes in trees and all they do is pollinate? They come out early when apple blossoms bloom every year, and every female is a queen and has her own nest. They are worker bees.* Worker bees. Yeah, I made that joke during the tour too. Now that I think about it, I probably didn’t make any new friends on Saturday. *Those are the actual notes I took on my phone during the tour, so I may have misheard all of this information. You may want to look it up.

In case you did know about blue orchard bees, here’s another tidbit: Have you ever wanted to know how a slow cooker works? Well, wonder no more! I worked on the artwork for this post, which was a lot of fun. Plus, now I know that I shouldn’t be afraid of setting my kitchen on fire with a batch of cocktail meatballs.

3) Design something just because. So these have a purpose, but I did them for myself, so it counts. I just finished up this set of little badges for this very blog. I worked on them over the course of a couple nights (while watching old episodes of 24. (I’m almost caught up!)). There’s a pretty good chance I’ll change my mind about them in a month, but so far so good.

4) Have one new business meeting a week. Check! I’ve been on quite the new business kick lately. Potential new work is fun. (Proposals, not so much.)

5) Spend part of a day working somewhere else. Check! I recently discovered Black Hand Coffee in the museum district (I live in Oilville guys, cut me some slack). I like the seats in the front window—the counter is super high, so I feel like it was built for me. Plus they have a phenomenal cold brew.

Bonus: Focus on the positive.

This article is on the oldish side now, but since I didn’t have my act together in June, I’m posting it now. 50 Cent Is My Life Coach. Yup, that 50 Cent. Just read it. If 50 Cent can use vision boards, so can you.