September Eighteenth


Four years ago today Matt surprised the hell out of me by claiming he was running out to buy soda only to show back up at our front door on one knee. To this day I still joke that my engagement ring came from 7/11.

I thought it was only fair that since I got a pretty sweet way commemorate the occasion, Matt should too. Enter, Mr. Jones Watches.

When Mr. Jones came onto my radar, it was love at first sight. They balance creativity, function, design, and humor like no other. 

Despite much ogling, it wasn’t until I spotted their limited edition Everyday Special that I pulled the trigger and finally made a purchase. The series consisted of one watch per day of the year, and luckily I grabbed September 18th before anyone else could.

While I managed to replace this watch with a slight upgrade for Matt’s wedding gift, he keeps it in his collection as a functional reminder of the day he pulled the trigger. (No turning back now, dude—you’re stuck with me.)

So even though everyone is in a tizzy about the new WATCH and probably has no interest in anything else right now, I think there will always be a time (ugh, bad) and a place for this kind of craftsmanship. Plus, these don't need to be recharged every night!

Here’s a handful of other designs by Mr. Jones that I think are just out of this world. They regularly come out with new designs and seem to sell quickly out of the limited edition collections. So, if you see something you like—grab it! You won't be disappointed.

The September Eighteenth Limited Edition Everyday Special, circa 2010

The Chromotheter uses a true life 1:1 scale representation of the world's smallest moth and butterfly. The detail on this one is simply gorgeous.

The Last Laugh / Last Laugh Tattoo Edition are awesome because the hours and minutes are hidden in the teeth.

The Accurate simply reminds you that you that someday your time will come to an end. No arguing that, I suppose. Oh and the face of the watch is mirrored in case you try to rationalize that maybe the watch is talking to someone else.

The Cyclops is a color-enthusiast’s dream (hint, hint). On this one, each circle represents the hour and the black circle travels over them to suggest how much of that hour has passed.

Average Days / Average Day is a nerd’s dream watch. It tells you what the average person is doing at every hour of the day so you can see how you measure up. I find this fascinating. 

I should probably consider this one: The Decider. Every second is marked with a Yes, or No. When you’re at a loss for what to do just look at your watch and voila! Never make a decision again.

Wants vs. Needs. Who doesn’t love a good Venn diagram?

Not a watch, but the Countdown Clock is pretty self-explanatory, and I just adore the design of this thing. 

And finally, they released a new version of the Everyday Special, that isn't in a limited edition, so now you don't have to worry about missing out on your favorite date. Phew! 


All images by Mr. Jones Watches via with the exception of the September Eighteenth Everyday Special, Limited Edition circa 2010, photos by Carrie, Ink.