May's Refresh Richmond Meeting... Guess who?

Out of the blue last week, I got an email from a colleague/friend asking me if I'd be interested in speaking at an upcoming event. She said that my name had come up in a planning meeting because so many people related to my blog post, and they were interested in hearing more about my story. Normally I'd think of about 84 different excuses to get out of doing something like this, but the new me immediately responded with an excited—"Absolutely!" 

So, while I'm only about 24% sure what I'm going to say, around 88% worried if people are going to show up, and hoping that if people do come, I'll at least be able to distract them with some nice typography—I've come up a topic.

Spread the word. By the end of the night my goal is to make sure everyone feels a lot better about their own public speaking abilities, and finds some inspiration to start doing what they really want to do with their 40+ hours a week.

Quit your job: And other sage advice from a recently reformed workaholic.

Career coaches are said to provide significant tangible and intangible benefits for individuals and organizations—Carrie Fleck Walters is not one of these people. What she can do is tell you about her recent decision to reevaluate her career and redefine her meaning of success.

Carrie originally left the ad world in 2006 to start her own design firm which she grew into an award-winning branding agency and product line. Following a brief transition into the corporate world with a former agency client, Carrie decided to go back to basics and return to life as a solo designer.

There will be a Q & A session where Carrie promises to answer things like “Do you play basketball?” and, “What was one of the biggest mistakes you ever made while running your own business?”

The evening promises to include prizes and swearing. The prizes will be worth it, and all swear jar proceeds will go to the SPCA. 


May 14, 2014 
6:00 PM


1657 W. Broad St.

More information and RSVP options:

804RVA Meetup

Refresh Richmond Facebook Event Page