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Three branding packages—streamlined and effective.


Starting in 2016 I decided to only work with one new branding client at a time. This system also allows me to condense project timelines significantly and enables me to immerse myself in the challenge at hand.

I can do so by offering a streamlined set of services that take advantage of the systems and processes I've spent the last decade fine-tuning. Our work together will be intense, but immensely impactful on your business. 



2 Weeks


Brand Jump Start
Basic Logo & Identity System

Ideal for: Startups, Freelancers, Bloggers

Package Includes:

Primary Logo

Secondary logo or submark 

Color palette

Typographic Standards

Brand Board

This option provides the fundamentals needed to launch your new brand and lay the groundwork for future development and growth. 




4 Weeks


Core Brand Foundation
Full Brand Identity System and Collateral

Ideal for: Startups, Small Businesses, Rebrands

Package Includes:

All components from Package 1


Additional Logo Badges And/or Lockups 

Branded patterns, Icons, illustrations

Five collateral items

Brand Standards Guide

This in-depth brand package provides a complete set of assets to use on all marketing mediums, offers versatility and flexibility, and allows for customized applications to create a distinct brand presence. 




6–8 Weeks


Complete Brand Development
Full Brand Identity System, Collateral, and Web Design & Development

Ideal for: Startups, Rebrands, Makers, Entrepreneurs

Package Includes:

All components from Packages 1 and 2


Desktop and mobile-Optimized website design 

blog and e-commerce setup 

development through Squarespace

I have been using Squarespace exclusively since 2013, and find it to be the ideal platform for my clients' needs. And without outside development expenses, it is the most cost-effective way for me to provide a top-notch online presence that will be easy to maintain, that will grow along with your business, and that will function beautifully. 





Additional Services

All other Print, Advertising, Marketing, Environmental and packaging DEsign projects.

In order to provide the highest value and quality of work, all additional services are reserved for clients who have completed, or committed to, brand development packages.