Casper's General Store Brand Identity | Concept 1



In addition to launching your business, I designed these concepts with the following factors in mind.

  • To create a thriving local business that acts as the center of town
  • Enhance the appeal of Pillow, PA and drive out-of-town traffic 
  • Drive home a sense of community and build a loyal base of regular customers
  • Offer real food and necessities at a convenience 


Target Audience

  • Natalie: A 41-year-old mother of 2 who works as an office manager in Harrisburg, she is busy but wants to make sure her family is taken care of first and foremost. 
  • Joe: A 68-year-old retired factory worker who wants a place to spend a part of his day to catch up (or gossip) with his fellow-retired friends and neighbors, to have a great cup of coffee or a baked treat while he reads or works on his puzzles, and just to feel like he is still a part of something 



Primary & Secondary Logo

Particularly for this concept, I wanted to make sure that the logo felt familiar and had a classic styling. I used a silhouette of Casper in the background to add friendliness and visual reference to the name, but the logotype works just as well on its own. There is a nostalgic quality to this combination that brings forth memories of a simpler time and the true nature of a "general store."


Casper is treated in Silhouette and is specifically used in a pale shade through this system. This treatment pays tribute to his inspiration without overpowering the business he represents. 


Badges and Lockups

To enhance the nostalgic appeal of this identity I created a variety of badges that you can use in different contexts and locations throughout your shop. Some of these could adapt to represent the various segments of the business (like Coffee vs. Market items), or they can be rotated on social media and other marketing pieces to show off the depth and range of the store. 


Color Palette

The color palette I've selected is rooted in seasonal color theory. I feel your shop is most in tune with the fall season—a season which one associates with words like warmth, nature, history, comfort, honesty, and tradition.


The collection of the fonts I used in this system are traditional and sway slightly industrial. When paired with the graphics and color palette, they appear friendly and trustworthy, are easy to read, and have the flexibility to grow with your brand without looking tired or trendy.



I've demonstrated how these elements can be used with a small sampling of collateral pieces to provide more context and to illustrate the flexibility of this system.