Carrie Fleck Walters, Designer

There aren't many people in this world who lose sleep over coordinating color palettes, perfecting paragraph hyphenation, and balancing white space. Hell, there probably aren't even that many people who even know what those terms mean. Luckily, that's where I come in.

I turned my mission to end lackluster design into a career. I’ve honed my skills by working for an advertising agency, by starting my own design firm, by expanding that design firm, by launching a product line, and by taking a leadership role with a startup. Recently I decided it was time to leave those roles and go back to what I really love to do—design projects for people who won't settle for predictable.

The beauty of being in business by yourself is that no idea is off limits. While my sweet spot lies in branding and print work with lots of parts and pieces, I'm also more than happy to discuss other projects as long as they spark my curiosity. Contact me to setup a time to talk. I'm far less scary than I sound.

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Because of a dare, in 2010 I designed the Richmond Type Map and tested the waters with my first ever retail product.

Since then I've added a few other items, and launched Blunt Objects to house the online storefront for all of these harebrained ideas. Because of how I set up the company, I'm able to use it as a vehicle to collaborate with other writers, artists, and designers on projects that I think have potential.

Have an idea? Drop me a line.